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Remembering the summer of 1916 for Red, White and Blue Day 2016 - Friday 14th October (or any day in October or November 2016)

The Somme was one of the bloodiest battles of World War One, with 20,000 British soldiers losing their lives on the first day of the battle. In all, the campaign cost nearly 1,300,000 dead and wounded soldiers on both sides.

In the High Seas the Royal Navy took on the might of the German Navy in a move to control shipping lanes and freedom of movement in the Battle of Jutland. The battle, which was a strategic victory for the Royal Navy, kept the German Navy from attempting any further attacks against the British for the rest of the war.

Held on Friday 14th October, Red, White and Blue Day 2016 will be joining the rest of the UK and remembering the momentous events of 1916 - on land, and at sea – which had a huge impact on the outcome of the war.

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The Soldiers' Charity
- Initial landing by SAS and SBS Special Forces in the Falkland islands

- Britain declared an exclusion zone around the Falkland Islands as British forces prepared to liberate the territory. The RAF's Vulcan bomber played an integral part in that conflict, flying its final active service missions.

The Soldiers' Charity
- A German U-boat sinks The 'Lusitania'

- The unconditional surrender of Germany signalled the end of the Second World War in Europe.

- The Royal Air Force's premier acrobatic flying team, the Red Arrows, flying the gnat, made their first public display at Biggin Hill Air Fair.

The Soldiers' Charity
- Evacuation of Allied troops from Dunkirk begins

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- Victory in Europe (VE) Day.

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- The British Navy is notified of the increase in German warship activity in the North Sea.

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- A hunter-killer group of 14 Royal Navy ships, including the battleships HMS King George V, HMS Hood and the HMS Prince of Wales, leave Scapa Flow.

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- German dive bombers destroy the HMS Gloucester and the HMS Fiji, two Royal Navy cruisers.

1941 - German dive bombers destroy the HMS Kelly and HMS Kashmir, two Royal Navy destroyers.

Battle of Jutland flotilla challenge closing date for postal entries

Battle of Jutland commemorative weekend

Battle of Jutland commemorative weekend

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- Battle of Jutland takes place, representing the largest naval battle and only full-scale clash of battleships in World War One. 250 ships and more than 8,000 lives on both German and British sides were lost.

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