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Remembering the summer of 1916 for Red, White and Blue Day 2016 - Friday 14th October

The Battle of the Somme was one of the bloodiest battles of World War One, with 20,000 British soldiers losing their lives on the first day of the battle. In all, the campaign cost nearly 1,300,000 dead and wounded soldiers on both sides.

Fighting began on the 1st July, and continued up until late November that year. It was the largest battle on the Western Front of the war, and there was little to show for all the lives lost on both side, only a few miles gained by the Allies.

Held on Friday 14th October, Red, White and Blue Day 2016 will be joining the rest of the UK and remembering the momentous events of 1916 - on land, and at sea – which had a huge impact on the outcome of the war.

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Contribute to the largest battleship fleet... honour the 250 vessils that fought in the First World War's Battle of Jutland.

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- "Eagle Day". The Luftwaffe launched its offensive against Britain, with 1,485 sorties. The Germans lost 45 planes and the RAF 13.

The Soldiers' Charity
- Battle of Bogside – first British troops arrive in Northern Ireland

- 74 Luftwaffe aircraft launched from bases in Denmark and Norway are lost on what will be remembered as "Black Thursday"

The Soldiers' Charity
- Britain declared war on Germany

The Soldiers' Charity
- The Luftwaffe attack Central London for the first time

The Soldiers' Charity
- Paris is liberated by Allied troops

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- US Navy and Marine forces position themselves near Guadalcanal.

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- The first seven-ship Royal Navy convoy arrives in Russia without incident, bringing with her supplies and Hawker Hurricane fighters.

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Royal Navy descendants invited to Jutland centenary commemorations

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Hilary Juke's Interview - BFBS Radio 2 (May 2016)

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